Market Segmentation & Visualization

A better way to segment and visualize data:

Without a doubt, sales and marketing efforts can only improve when you recognize what’s working – and what’s not working. Marketers need to understand their current customer base and apply that knowledge to potential prospects and markets. But how?


With TargetSmart, you’ll be able to identify, refine and prioritize markets and prospects by uncovering and analyzing common characteristics among your best customers and opportunities.

TargetSmart allows you to:

  • Improve lead quality through more informed and nuanced targeting
  • Increase marketing lift by filling your database with high-value, high-propensity-to-buy contacts
  • Streamline the sales process by reaching the right contacts with the right message
  • Focus time and investment on areas that will drive the best possible return
  • Uncover new market opportunities through whitespace and penetration analysis informed by our data and yours

TargetSmart offers a look at your:

  • Best Customer Profile identifying key characteristics present in your existing customer base that can be applied to targeting efforts to make Marketing programs more effective.
  • Market Opportunity Map showing not only how effectively you have penetrated existing markets, but also which new or underserved markets would produce the best return on future Sales and Marketing investment.

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Data Enrichment

Your new data enrichment solution:
Ci Technology Database

The right data is the key that can open the right doors. And with the Ci Technology Database (Ci TDB) from Harte Hanks Market Intelligence, that key comes in the form of high-quality, targeted data designed to deliver. Developed to generate greater lift for a variety of sales and marketing efforts, our database includes key decision-makers with direct purchasing responsibility for technology products and services in 500+ unique technology selectors.

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Webinar and Speaking Engagements

Engage and make connections with an authoritative voice

Whether you are looking to create a webinar that offers credible information from a third-party or give prospects a great reason to come to your event, our analysts can help you connect directly with your prospects by engaging them directly with the information they seek. Analysts from the Aberdeen Group are well known, credible, and objective speakers with insight into a variety of markets few can match.

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Content Licensing & Research

Expert content and research your buyers can trust and rely on

Aberdeen Group research is based on real users and business professionals using technology and services to improve business performance. It’s about the journey these users took, the pain points they experienced and how they actioned a plan to drive towards success.


Our PACE methodology captures everything you’d want to know about your buyers – the Pressures they face, the Actions they are taking, the Capabilities they possess, and the technology Enablers they are using to get the job done. We then tie this information back to organizational performance, so our research can tell you what’s working, what’s not and even where a buyer stacks up in that mix. Now that’s pretty powerful stuff. All of our research content is shared with our community of readers, but it’s also available to marketers so they can help them share valuable content as part of their demand generation efforts.

Syndicated Research – topically driven by our readers’ demand

We have a deep understanding of what our readers are looking for in each of our 17 research practices. Through advisory councils and qualitative interviews with our readers we create research agendas on key topics and develop surveys and research content accordingly. Hundreds of business professionals are surveyed monthly to create our research reports. This always-on research engine ensures we are on top of market trends, relevant pain points and best practices.

Made to Order Research –a deeper dive on research that matters to your audience

Each survey we conduct contains dozens of in-depth questions. We have amassed some of the largest research profiles and intelligence available in the market. Any given research report only shares a portion of the collected data – our reports would be too long if we shared it all. We can provide you with an in-depth understanding of the data we have available and can author research reports that share insights specific to an industry, buyer role, geography or market. This targeted approach to content creation ensures you are able to provide research content to sub-segments of your audience that will be sure to resonate. 

Custom Research – we conduct a new survey and share the findings back with you

Sometimes marketers have very specific research needs and we can help here too. If it turns out we don’t have the right data to author a research report we can create a new survey to capture the data and share the findings back with you and your team either through a briefing or through the development of an entirely new research report.

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Content Driven Demand Generation

Better demand generation starts with knowing and understanding your buyer

As a marketer you know how hard it can be to find good leads. Not contacts, but real leads that are likely to engage with your brand and possibly even talk to a Sales rep. And while there’s no magic bullet when it comes to solving the demand generation challenge, there is a better way to start the process and it all ties back to having the right content.


Savvy marketers know that content generated leads are high quality leads that convert into measurable revenue faster. DemandAccess is a suite of content driven demand services that provide marketers with an easy, top of funnel resource for content generated leads in the B2B/Technology marketplace. We capture prospect interest by sharing valuable, research focused content from Aberdeen Group.

Content Qualified Leads

Begin your nurture process with contacts that demonstrate interest. Aberdeen Group research findings are accessed every hour of every day.  Find out who has been actively downloading a given research report, content across a topical area or an entire research practice – all for a flat rate per contact.

Targeted Community Campaign

Gain exclusive access to Aberdeen Group’s readership community. Aberdeen readers represent motivated business professionals, manager to c-level across 17 different technology disciplines in B2B. We aggressively protect our community from fatigue by putting only the right content out to the right audience. We will work with you to understand your targeting criteria and design a program to help secure the results you need. A limited number of promotional windows are available throughout the calendar year. All programs are quoted at a cost per contact rate.

Partner Syndication Leads

Let us secure and manage our broad network of content syndication partners to drive demand aligned with your specific targeting criteria. Full contact details are provided. All programs are quoted at a cost per contact rate.

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Content Creation Services

Inform and engage your prospects with Aberdeen Group Research, delivered in just about any format

Don’t tell anyone – but research content doesn’t have to be boring. Research has to work hard to engage and generate interest with prospects in order to start a meaningful dialog with your brand. While Marketers will always need heavy hitting research reports, you also need content formats that are visual and enticing. And content backed by Aberdeen Group research data will provide the value buyers are looking for by sharing insights, trends, and best practices that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Let us help you:


  • Highlight industry or persona focused data to validate your point of view and demonstrate your understanding of your customer’s biggest challenges
  • Visually communicate complex ideas in simple, entertaining and engaging ways
  • Expand your footprint by sharing shorter content formats that will reach and engage with your target audience in the social sphere

Here’s what we can create for you:


Over 55% of marketers who use video in their email campaigns report increased click-through rates*. It’s no surprise: video is a proven way to effectively engage your target audience, particularly if you share meaningful content that offers best practice guidance or helps solve a prospect’s current business challenge.  We work with you to engage your buyers with compelling industry research and analyst perspectives that support with your go-to-market message and campaign efforts.


There’s a reason why 89% of best-in-class marketing organizations use eBooks to generate awareness early in the buyer’s journey: a quality eBook is a proven method to attract qualified leads and convert them to customers.  They’re social-friendly, shareable and can be used to feed multiple channels.  Our eBooks are designed to engage readers from start to finish and illustrate key Aberdeen Group research findings – pertinent to your target audience – in an easy-to-consume format.


Infographics are one of the most popular methods to dig into a new perspective, explain a complex concept or refresh interest in an established technology category in a profoundly different way.  In fact, 67% of best-in-class marketing organizations use infographics to generate brand awareness and connect with prospects early in the buyer’s journey. We’re your one stop shop:  we have the data that matters to your prospects and a creative team capable of bringing your vision to reality.

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Content Marketing Solutions

Fact-based research to propel and enhance your content marketing efforts

Want a quick, easy and credible way to help supplement your own content creation efforts?

Using third party research content from Aberdeen Group provides you with fact-based research that can do some heavy-lifting and create a value-added connection with prospective buyers. Be the marketer (and the brand) that helps a buyer find their way by sharing content that educates and informs. 

ContentAccess – Unlimited access to research, curation and more

Research content has always been available to marketers, but it normally comes with red tape around usage, and a complicated contract. We want to make working with professional researchers easy for marketers, and that’s why we created ContentAccess: a content-as-a-service offering where marketers receive unprecedented access to three years’ worth of Aberdeen Group research, along with the ability to curate or repurpose the data contained in our reports into client-branded assets.


  • Three subscription levels (Curator, Curator+, and Enterprise) designed to meet the needs and budget requirements of any marketer
  • Ability to simply copy and paste text, charts, data points, and quotes into your client-branded content
  • Curator+ and Enterprise levels grant quarterly access to our analyst team to keep your team of program and product marketers on message and on trend with access to the latest research that aligns with your campaign efforts

Blog Authoring – grow your social influence with guest blogging services

If you have a blog you know you need new and fresh content populating it weekly, if not daily. One of the best ways to increase visibility to your blog is by featuring guest bloggers on a regular basis. Aberdeen Group analysts frequently guest blog for leading B2B companies like IBM, Sage, McAfee and more. Our guest blogging packages include:

  • A comprehensive planning session with the analyst
  • Incorporation of relevant Aberdeen research data, trends, and highlights
  • Collaboration with the analyst and their social footprint to expand reach and engagement of guest authored content 

Campaign Bundles – research content for the buyer’s journey

There’s no way around it, well run campaigns require a lot of content. And at the earliest phases prospects don’t want to hear from your brand. They are in the discovery phase and your job is to serve up content that helps them understand more about their problem, and start building trust and credibility. Campaign Bundles are a perfect way to do that. We call it snackable content. We package together short and long form Aberdeen research content on a given research area, and voila you have all the content necessarily to launch a campaign.

  • Available in packages of three, four or five assets
  • Each bundle includes a long-form research report
  • Short form content assets are1-2 pages in length and come in a variety of formats

Persona & Market Insights – start your content & messaging strategy off right 

Know the market. Know your buyer. It’s a product marketer’s mantra. If you get this wrong chances are your programs will suffer, your messaging will be flat and your offering just won’t stick. Let our team of market-leading experts help provide insight into what your personas are thinking, challenged by and addressing by unpacking relevant research findings that can help point your messaging and go-to-market strategy in a the right direction. Don’t spend your hard earned marketing dollars on advisory services – just secure a Strategy Day when you need it to vet messaging, better understand market trends, or dive deep into personas.

  • Strategy Days are available in full (6-hour) and half-day (3-hour) sessions
  • Pre-planning session included to consult with the analyst on your specific objectives

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