Market Segmentation & Visualization

A better way to segment and visualize data:

Without a doubt, sales and marketing efforts can only improve when you recognize what’s working – and what’s not working. Marketers need to understand their current customer base and apply that knowledge to potential prospects and markets. But how?


With TargetSmart, you’ll be able to identify, refine and prioritize markets and prospects by uncovering and analyzing common characteristics among your best customers and opportunities.

TargetSmart allows you to:

  • Improve lead quality through more informed and nuanced targeting
  • Increase marketing lift by filling your database with high-value, high-propensity-to-buy contacts
  • Streamline the sales process by reaching the right contacts with the right message
  • Focus time and investment on areas that will drive the best possible return
  • Uncover new market opportunities through whitespace and penetration analysis informed by our data and yours

TargetSmart offers a look at your:

  • Best Customer Profile identifying key characteristics present in your existing customer base that can be applied to targeting efforts to make Marketing programs more effective.
  • Market Opportunity Map showing not only how effectively you have penetrated existing markets, but also which new or underserved markets would produce the best return on future Sales and Marketing investment.

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