Opportunity Alerts

A better way to flag opportunities:
Ci Pipeline

Better deals come from a better pipeline.  Every day Ci Pipeline, a lead generation and delivery system designed specifically for technology solution providers, captures vital information on key technology investment initiatives.  These data points — industry, revenue, IT staff size, budgets, purchase schedule, site demographics, technology footprint, and key contacts — pass through rigorous quality controls before being delivered directly to you. Does it work? The proof is in the ROI.

How does this help?

  • Always-on scanning of the market delivers a steady stream of BANT qualified leads to your inbox or directly to your CRM or Marketing Automation system.
  • Quality leads help you close more deals, faster
  • Identifying prospects with intent who are in an active buy cycle so you can beat the competition
  • Sales productivity improves with single-system access to all the information necessary  to act on an opportunity
  • Average deal sizes increase when you’re aware of all purchase initiatives at a single location

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