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Expert content and research your buyers can trust and rely on

Aberdeen Group research is based on real users and business professionals using technology and services to improve business performance. It’s about the journey these users took, the pain points they experienced and how they actioned a plan to drive towards success.


Our PACE methodology captures everything you’d want to know about your buyers – the Pressures they face, the Actions they are taking, the Capabilities they possess, and the technology Enablers they are using to get the job done. We then tie this information back to organizational performance, so our research can tell you what’s working, what’s not and even where a buyer stacks up in that mix. Now that’s pretty powerful stuff. All of our research content is shared with our community of readers, but it’s also available to marketers so they can help them share valuable content as part of their demand generation efforts.

Syndicated Research – topically driven by our readers’ demand

We have a deep understanding of what our readers are looking for in each of our 17 research practices. Through advisory councils and qualitative interviews with our readers we create research agendas on key topics and develop surveys and research content accordingly. Hundreds of business professionals are surveyed monthly to create our research reports. This always-on research engine ensures we are on top of market trends, relevant pain points and best practices.

Made to Order Research –a deeper dive on research that matters to your audience

Each survey we conduct contains dozens of in-depth questions. We have amassed some of the largest research profiles and intelligence available in the market. Any given research report only shares a portion of the collected data – our reports would be too long if we shared it all. We can provide you with an in-depth understanding of the data we have available and can author research reports that share insights specific to an industry, buyer role, geography or market. This targeted approach to content creation ensures you are able to provide research content to sub-segments of your audience that will be sure to resonate. 

Custom Research – we conduct a new survey and share the findings back with you

Sometimes marketers have very specific research needs and we can help here too. If it turns out we don’t have the right data to author a research report we can create a new survey to capture the data and share the findings back with you and your team either through a briefing or through the development of an entirely new research report.

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