Data Enrichment

Your new data enrichment solution:
Ci Technology Database

The right data is the key that can open the right doors. And with the Ci Technology Database (Ci TDB) from Harte Hanks Market Intelligence, that key comes in the form of high-quality, targeted data designed to deliver. Developed to generate greater lift for a variety of sales and marketing efforts, our database includes key decision-makers with direct purchasing responsibility for technology products and services in 500+ unique technology selectors.

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Market Segmentation and Visualization

A better way to segment and visualize data:

Without a doubt, sales and marketing efforts can only improve when you recognize what’s working – and what’s not working. Marketers need to understand their current customer base and apply that knowledge to potential prospects and markets. But how?


With TargetSmart, you’ll be able to identify, refine and prioritize markets and prospects by uncovering and analyzing common characteristics among your best customers and opportunities.

TargetSmart allows you to:

  • Improve lead quality through more informed and nuanced targeting
  • Increase marketing lift by filling your database with high-value, high-propensity-to-buy contacts
  • Streamline the sales process by reaching the right contacts with the right message
  • Focus time and investment on areas that will drive the best possible return
  • Uncover new market opportunities through whitespace and penetration analysis informed by our data and yours

TargetSmart offers a look at your:

  • Best Customer Profile identifying key characteristics present in your existing customer base that can be applied to targeting efforts to make Marketing programs more effective.
  • Market Opportunity Map showing not only how effectively you have penetrated existing markets, but also which new or underserved markets would produce the best return on future Sales and Marketing investment.

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Targeted Campaign Lists

A better way to create targeted lists:

You know the buyers you need to reach and you need to reach them right now. But getting a high-quality, highly targeted prospect list together takes time. Think about how much easier a campaign could be if you were provided with a list of quality contacts that closely match your ideal customer profile, on demand.  Pretty efficient, right?


ListBuilder puts millions of contacts and companies in your grasp, each screened for important data like size, geography, installed technologies and current vendors. We combine this intelligence with advanced modeling techniques to determine which businesses are most likely to be in the ‘buy cycle’ for a particular technology solution. And because of our history and methodology, we collect and model more data in the B2B tech marketplace than any other marketing service provider.

How does this help you?

  • Save time. We gather the data so you don’t have to – all you do is refine based on your criteria.
  • Expect higher campaign response rates with targeted contacts.
  • More pipeline conversions. And with our on-demand web access, additional campaign lists can be pulled as you need them.
  • Easily manage net-new contacts with suppression and purchase history tools.
  • Overall, your sales efforts will be more efficient and you’ll see increased effectiveness of your marketing programs.

ListBuilder has hundreds of lists to start with. Here’s a small sample:

  • North American manufacturing locations with more than 100 PCs
  • Retail locations with $50,000 or more in IT spend annually
  • Locations who utilize Software-as-a-Service with 500+ enterprise employees
  • Locations with the highest propensity to purchase a storage virtualization solution
  • Branch locations with a Voice-over-IP purchase initiative

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Predictive Scoring & Prioritization

A better way to prioritize data:
Predictive Lead Scoring

Targeting thousands of companies that might resemble your ideal market may seem like a good place to start, but collecting that data is difficult, inefficient and expensive. That’s where we come in.


Market Intelligence, a Harte Hanks Company leads the way by helping clients predict the likelihood and timing of their prospects’ vendor installations, technology usage, and purchasing plans.

We offer predictive scoring for nearly 40 types of technology, including likelihood to purchase technology for:

  • hardware
  • software
  • networking
  • telecommunications
  • storage
  • security
  • virtualization
  • IT outsourcing
  • mobile messaging security
  • smartphones
  • digital signage display
  • data loss prevention
  • platform-as-a-service

The Benefits of Predictive Scoring:

  • Improve marketing program response rates
  • Base sales channel and territory alignment on market segmentation analytics
  • Identify prospects who are likely to have complementary technologies installed
  • Target competitive installations for specific campaign messages
  • Add detailed technology profiles and new contacts to customer/prospect files

Our Predictive Scoring Products:


Know where specific types of technologies are installed. By knowing what solutions a company has in place, you can target more effectively and recommend complementary products and services.


Prioritize those that are ready to buy. Discovering that a prospect has intent to purchase – and knowing the timeframe of that purchase – can mean the difference between canvassing hundreds of prospects or focusing in on only those most likely to convert.


Identify prospects with specific software vendors installed. Our big data modeling approach detects the likelihood of a vendor presence, meaning you can more accurately target complementary, partner, or competitive user bases with highly-focused messaging.


Focus on your most likely customers. With so much sales and marketing data available, making decisions on what slice of data should inform your outreach efforts can be paralyzing. Lead scoring is a good start, but will only get you so far.

Prospect Score helps you make sense of your marketing data.

Our turn-key analytics service incorporates more than 500 tracked categories in the Ci Technology Database. By understanding the types of data elements that should be captured, scored and weighted more favorably, Prospect Score will help you:

  • Spend time with higher-value, higher-propensity-to-buy contacts
  • Increase efficiency by focusing on contacts more likely to take the first step
  • Reduce time spent chasing dead-end leads
  • And ultimately, see a significantly reduced cost-per-lead

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Opportunity Alerts

A better way to flag opportunities:
Ci Pipeline

Better deals come from a better pipeline.  Every day Ci Pipeline, a lead generation and delivery system designed specifically for technology solution providers, captures vital information on key technology investment initiatives.  These data points — industry, revenue, IT staff size, budgets, purchase schedule, site demographics, technology footprint, and key contacts — pass through rigorous quality controls before being delivered directly to you. Does it work? The proof is in the ROI.

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