The Data-Driven Marketer’s Promise to Target Audiences

There’s a lot of back and forth about data. Some perspectives position it as the solution to a wide range of problems, while others find the level of information to be creepy or suspicious. To keep data on the up and up from a marketing standpoint, here six things a data-driven marketer should never do…

Never Give You Up: When people share their data, they do so with an understanding that that data will only be used for things covered in terms and conditions or privacy policies. Good data-driven marketers refuse to give up data in ways that aren’t approved by the data provider.

Never Let You Down: When marketers have deep data on target prospects or existing customers, they have a wealth of information that allows them to surprise and delight, exceed expectations or cater to specific needs. To use data for anything short of these things can be a clear and undesirable letdown.

Never Run Around and Desert You: With real-time data and social data, marketers can easily know when people are expressing needs or interests. A healthy data strategy allows marketers to focus their efforts on the right channels without being pulled in too many directions, and always be there for prospects or customers.

Never Make You Cry: With all the data available, marketers still need to maintain a human element to recognize when certain pain points might actually be too painful. A data-driven marketer’s job is to entertain and inform aided by data, but also to build very human connections.

Never Say Goodbye: Data-driven marketers must also know when the target persona wants the conversation to end. Data-driven marketers must give control to their target audiences to allow them to be the ones to say goodbye if they so choose through unsubscribes or other means.

Never Tell a Lie and Hurt You: Lastly, data-driven marketers must use data to derive as much truth about their target audiences as they can. Their job is to use true trends and patterns to help and better serve their targets.

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