The Anatomy of Better Demand Generation: A Mindful Infographic

Data and content are the two key halves to any effective demand generation program. But how exactly do these two marketing practices come together in one overarching strategy?

As data-driven marketing and content marketing can be complex enough topics on their own, we decided to simplify the relationship by using something we all (hopefully) use every day – our brains. Just as analytical and creative capacities meld together in our minds, so too do data and content for demand generation.

With that in mind, this infographic visualizes the key considerations for effectively combining the power of data and content to build out better demand generation.

Juts like the brain, we’ve broken down our findings for data and content into relevant lobes. For data, the 5 key categories are:

  • A data-driven strategy
  • A process for maintaining and enriching overall data quality
  • An ability to record and analyze data
  • A well-informed targeting and segmenting system
  • An effective practice for applying data to solve business challenges

And for content, the 5 key categories are:

  • Content aligned to specific objectives
  • Content of notable and noteworthy quality
  • An effective and efficient process for creating content
  • A measurable process for driving conversions
  • An ability to distribute content across multiple channels

Together, the powers of better data practices, and an organized content strategy lead to a better demand generation programs. We hope you’ll find this infographic to be of use to you in informing and implementing your own demand generation efforts. Feel free to share this post, or the infographic itself. And be sure to check out our resources section for a closer look at the sources that informed this infographic.

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