The New School of Data-Driven Marketing: Do Your Targeting Efforts Make the Grade?

Whether remembering life at school triggers fond memories or even hard-learned lessons, as professionals, it’s difficult for us to argue with the results. From teachers actively pushing us to bring out our best, to report cards aptly reporting on our progress, school was a rare time when so much attention and effort was spent on our own personal growth. Today, as marketers, data rekindles that old scholastic spirit of growth by both equipping us for success in identifying valuable opportunities, and by driving improvement trough measurable benchmarks. With that spirit in mind, we created this Data-Driven Targeting Report Card in order to help you grade your strengths and identify your opportunities for improvement in your target marketing efforts.

As you can see in the questions, as well as in your results, this report card is only a measurement of the tools, tactics, and resources you’re able to use. All too often, even the best of us who produce high-quality content still don’t see the conversions or results that we expect, but assessments like this can help explain why. Overall, Aberdeen research indicates that 79% of leading companies are able track how specific pieces of content perform, but only 39% are able to track lead attribution all the way down to those specific pieces of content. In other words, current marketing efforts are much more effective at optimizing the “right content” than measurably reaching the “right people.” With this targeting report card, you can quantifiably see whether you have everything in place to accurately reach the right people, or if you have an opportunity to improve by making the right changes.

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